Who we are

We are a small but agile alliance of selected professional Hong Kong magicians working with organizations big and small in Asia, our goal is to provide the most professional and full-coverage magical entertainment services for our clients.

We do close up magic for small private parties to large illusions on stage for thousands of audience, we do infotainment to keep participants energized on company training and executive exchange. We excel in performing for product launch, press conference, trade show, corporate hospitality and high profile events.

Our ultimate goal is:

"To create an inspiring and magical story for our audiences to remember and share!"

Zenneth Kok

Asia's premier Magician and Mentalist, Corporate Presenter, TEDx HongKong Speaker

Starring magician of "I'm a Magician" T.V. series, winner of "The Golden Wizard Award" and "The Most Entertaining Magician Award"

Zenneth has performed, lectured on four continents and often act as judge, guest performer and lecturer on magic conventions. He has also been invited to appear on various T.V. shows to share his unique brand of magic: TVB Pearl, NOW T.V. HKTV, CCTV 3 World Acrobats, Beijing TV, Dong Nan Satellite T.V. Let's Do Magic, Magic Storm and many more. Zenneth has a Master degree in International Law and speaks native level Mandarin, Cantonese and English, this is also why Zenneth is the top choice for corporate and high end events in Asia and especially Greater China area. His outstanding ability of social communication, diplomacy skills, elite level of sleight of hand and original magic effects guarantee an enjoyable pleasure for everyone.

Lezlie Cheung

Lezlie is a multi-talent and energetic Hong Kong magician who has been performing with Zenneth on many shows across Asia. He is reputed in Chinese magic community as one of the best sleight of hand card magic artists. The DVD that features Lezlie’s original magic is expected to release internationally in 2011 summer. Lezlie's fast paced, high energy and visual magic is a great compliment to any party.