Zenneth's Interview with TVB Finance and Information Channel

Zenneth's interview with TVB Finance and Information Channel on using 5G technology for performing virtual magic show and teaching magic class.

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Our Artist Zenneth Kok on TVB Pearl's Money Magazine

Our head artist Zenneth Kok has conducted an interview with TVB Pearl's Money Magazine. In which he has talked about what sets us apart from rest of the magicians: our expertise with infotainment and customized/tailor made magic service.

Watch the interview Artist Zenneth Kok filming for Japanese TV show

Our artist Zenneth Kok filming his original magic for Japanese TV show hosted by the famous Japanese magician Mr. Maric.

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Zenneth Kok at TEDxHongKong 2017 @ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Our head artist Zenneth Kok just completed his talk on TED x HongKong 2017 event! Zenneth talked about the philosophy of magic and how to apply a magician's perspective to look at life issues. The talk was accompanied by the performance of some of his favourite illusions and went extremely well received. Find out more information about TEDx HongKong 2017 event at:

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