Our Design

We don’t just perform magic, we also design special magic effects for our clients.

Good magic effect don’t appear from nowhere. They take imagination, research, field test and talented people all working together.

Below are a few examples of unique magic effects designed by us to serve the needs of our clients and audiences:

Sponge $

We developed this trick specifically for our clients from financial and investment industry. A sponge money sign magically appears from inside a bag less purse and starting to multiply, appear inside spectator’s closed fist and finally a jumbo sized money sign appear. Make Money, Make More Money and Make Big Money!

Happy Birthday 2 You

We are often invited to perform at private parties to celebrate client’s birthday. We want our clients not only witness the miracles, but also have something truly special as a memento. That’s why we designed Happy Birthday 2 You: a signed playing card becomes part of a real birthday card!

Click here to watch a live performance.

To You

To You is a variation of Happy Birthday 2 You, with limitless ways for customization.
Typically we would ask our client to provide us with their company logo or tagline before the show and then we will customize To You into a Thank You card, X’mas card or other forms of promotional giveaway.

Entwined Hearts

Original idea from our artist Zenneth Kok, Entwined Hearts is perhaps the best romantic themed card trick ever created!
The two heart pips on a signed two of hearts visually come close to each other until they are entwined.
It is immediately hand out to spectators to keep.
Perfect effect and presentation for Wedding, Anniversary ,Valentine’s day and Partnership events.